David Price

David Price


David is originally from Mississippi, born and raised in the capital city of Jackson.  After graduating from Mississippi College with a degree in Communications, he moved to Texas for seminary.  While there, he traveled with a nationally touring theatre ministry called The Company. It was while ministering outside of San Antonio that David met the future Mrs. Price, Karen Kellogg, who fell madly and hopelessly in love with him…at first sight (that’s his story and he’s sticking to it).  Within two years, David and Karen had married and were living in Dallas, Texas.

In 1995, these young newlyweds moved to New England where they would spend the next eight years involved in student ministry, church planting…and starting a family.  In 2000, their first son, Jacob, was born.  Two years later, having earned a Master of Divinity through the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary New England extension center, David moved the family to Louisville, Kentucky where he earned a Master of Theology in Apologetics and Worldviews in 2005.

Upon completion of that degree, a wilderness lay ahead.  Uncertain as to what was next, the following year was spent seeking God, asking questions, and fighting frustrations.  Nearly a year and half later, the journey through the wilderness was complete, and the reason for it would soon become clear.  In December, 2006, the family moved to Chattanooga to take over the pastorate of a struggling church called Memorial Baptist.

Certain of the call and having been prepared through the wilderness, the next few years would be challenging, as desperate and often painful changes would be made, including officially restarting the church as The Gathering. Also during that time,  a second son, Andrew,  was born in 2007.

Throughout the challenges, God has been so faithful, building His church in His way and in His timing. Asked about the journey so far,  David will tell you that he wouldn’t change a thing and can imagine himself nowhere other than The Gathering…right in the middle of God’s will!


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